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Do you have a beauty problem that’s really bugging you? Ask our experts now Another beautiful eyeshadow look for round eyes is a ‘Halo’ eye, says Zara. "This is where the darkest shadow goes in the inner and outer corner of the eye and a light pop of colour sits in the centre of the eye." Opposite of the upturned eye, which is essentially any eye shape where the outer corners are lifted, the downward eyes outer corners are lower than its inner corner. The upper lids also generally slope down to meet the lower lash line. In this case, lifting your eyes is the main focus, as the downward turn can sometimes make you look sleepy. And it's quite possible to teeter between eye shapes. "People can definitely be in between shapes. I commonly see almond-shaped eyes that are a little rounder than others. For the most part, though, the shapes are pretty definitive," said celebrity makeup artist Anton Khachaturian, whose clients include Lana Condor, Tia Mowry and Meg dry skin korean skincare Donnelly.