toyota corolla ts gr

Japanese Auctions Hyundai Galloper 1998 2.5 TC fuel consumption is 11.6litres per 100km in combined city/highway mode (8.6 km/l) - this is one of most fuel efficient Hyundai Galloper 1998 - 2003 versions. Fuel tank capacity is 92 litres, which means you'll be able to drive up to 780kilometers without refueling in urban cycle. The car comes in find more different body type with different standard features, however all the models are equipped with high performance engine and provide great fuel economy. The exterior of the vehicle is not so fancy but it appeals consumers with its simple design. Clear and wide windscreen provides a better vision of the road while driving and makes driving easy. Used Hyundai Galloper is easily available as a used car in the market at reasonable price.