the flat lay co makeup box

I canx2019t lie - I would never think of Wilko when it comes to re-stocking my makeup bag. However, fans have been rushing to buy certain beauty products and one has been quite the talk of the town. Their xA32.50 Essence eyebrow gel is meant to be an absolute skyhigh mascara steal. Our icon-status eyebrow pencil for natural, long-lasting results. Contains beneficial ingredients: Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Ma also likes to the use pencils that are larger in diameter instead of the skinny ones because they go on softer and more natural. "Again, it’s not about coloring gray color onto your brows. Instead, give them a shape,” she says. But if you want to let your grays glisten, that's totally fine, too. “I’d leave them be," Ma reflects. "Enjoy them. I wouldn’t pluck because good, youthful brows should look full and natural."