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Alongside Atlantic Canada lotto results changing multiple lives, we have also found that when we break down the Canadian dollar, almost all of the money earned by ALC stays in the country. Around 36 million are distributed as profits of the lottery, and 35 million is given to all of the people who have won a bet365 bingo offer prize through the lottery. Around 12 million is given to the retailers in the ALC. There is a jackpot cap of CAD 70 million, but no rollover cap. Once Lotto Max reaches its jackpot cap, the prize fund rolls down to lower prize tiers. Players matching five, six, or six numbers plus the bonus ball, can win even more significant prizes than usual. The Atlantic Canada lottery, which is also commonly referred to as the ALC, the AC Lottery and even the Loto Atlantique, was launched in 1976, right after more lotteries were launched here in there, all over Canada. Despite all of ALC’s primary lottery games being played in just the country, the lottery association was very quick to upgrade by joining a company which offered national drawing – the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation.