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The Play is the description an interesting entry into the line up as it has been designed with a very specific purpose in mind. While it can certainly be used as a versatile accent light, it’s design has been tailored for use with the Hue Entertainment software feature added to the Hue Bridge last year. This feature leverages the highly responsive, lightweight communications of the ZigBee protocol to enable very fast real time light changes with the intention of syncing the lighting in the room to the action on screen, be it games or movies. Getting up and running with Hue Play isn’t too tricky – particularly if you only wish to take advantage of its base features. As with all Philips Hue lamps, you will need a Hue bridge ($60 or bundled with a starter kit) to connect the Play Light Bar to your home network. Configuration is managed through an accompanying smartphone app (iOS/Android). We had no issues discovering the lamps, which were available for use in a matter of seconds.