how to i share my google contacts with others

In the at bing Invite people box, type the name or address of the person you want to give permission to manage your contacts. Google Contacts might be a simple contact-saving application for most people, but it has many features that can make it even more useful. Adding Labels saves time, sharing contacts is a feature everyone needs, and shortcuts save time and maintain flow. So Google Contacts can be productive as you want it to be. Another trick that could work: Use a Zapier workflow to send new team members a link to your shared folders. If you've already shared the folder with the whole company and have a list where you add the names of new team members (perhaps a Google Contacts or Google Sheets list), you could have Zapier watch that list for new contacts and send them an email when they join the team. They'll then see the folder in their Google Drive Recent list and can drag the folders over to their own Drive.