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There are few things in poker that you should always or never do. However, it's almost universally accepted among competent poker players that you should never open limp into a pot, ie. be the first player to merely call the big blind. It is also one of the most common mistakes novice and/or bad players make. There are many reasons why open limping is bad. I'll list bitcoin gambling legal the ones I can think of here. The third reason is to disguise your hand. Presumably you don't always limp, but will also on occasion open-raise? In theory it is possible to both have a open-limping range and an open-raising range preflop that are balanced so that you opponents can't put tell if you have a very strong or a medium strong hand, when you do either. In practice it's very difficult to do, and even if you could do it, it would probably not be worth it. Most players who both open-limp and open-raise have very transparent ranges for doing either.