good topics to write a persuasive speech on

As the name implies, compare and contrast essays are usually written to explore and identify the similarities and differences between two or more ideas, concepts, situations, circumstances or theories. When we write about a topic, we tend to mention its significance and importance when describing it. Using compare and contrast essay format, you can further emphasize that point. It is possible to compare the topic with its alternative or replacement to better understand it and determine which is the most suitable choice. It is the best format to apply when there is confusion or ambiguity about writing a thesis statement for an informative essay a topic. Additionally, it helps to separate and connect the different subtopics of the topic under discussion. A compare and contrast essay example can be an opinion piece comparing two things and making a conclusion about which is better. For example, 8220;Is Tom Brady really the GOAT?8221; It can also help consumers decide which product is better suited to them. Should you keep your subscription to Hulu or Netflix? Should you stick with Apple or explore Android? Here8217;s our list of compare and contrast essay samples categorized by subject.