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Introduce your students to the purpose of descriptive words. Ask the class what the words told them about the girl. Ask them if the sentence is more interesting as it was originally, or with the added descriptive words. Ask if you would ever need to know that the girl who was skipping was "smelly" or "green-haired" (for example, to tell her apart from other skipping girls). © 2023 Cher’s English Tuition UEN 201819052D All rights reserved. Visual aids can be extremely informational essay outline helpful when encouraging descriptive writing in middle school–especially if you have visual learners in your classroom! Incorporate pictures, illustrations, animations, videos, etc., into your lessons so that your students can draw inspiration from multiple sources when they’re crafting their own stories or descriptions. This will also help break up the monotony of reading/writing lessons and keep everyone engaged throughout the duration of the lesson plan.