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There are a few different ways of betting on professional golf. Some of these methods are fairly straightforward, like betting on a certain player to win a given event. Additionally, there are many other ways to bet on golf that are not so obvious. These include (but are not limited to) head to head matchup bets, hole specific outcome bets, and player specific scoring bets. If you are new to sports betting or betting on golf specifically then we can recommend moneylines as a great starting point. The bet gal sport betting bonus code is straightforward and easy to understand. It will also be offered by every sportsbook that offers golf bets. Betting on outrights or golf futures is arguably the most popular way for sports bettors to get skin in the game on professional golf tournaments. Similar to betting which team you think will win the Super Bowl or World Series, a golf outright or futures bet picks an individual golfer to win a particular golf tournament.