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In cryptocurrency circles, a “rug pull” maneuver occurs when a token’s creators abandon the project by exchanging as many virtual coins as they can for real-world cash. The most recent example of this was the 'Squid Game' crypto coin where the developers sold their go to the site tokens and made off with an estimated 3.3 million. A fan of the conservative political commentator tweeted about the possible scam, saying, "Candace, I really respect your opinion and think we agree on a lot but this memecoin is a scam. As someone who speaks so loudly about freedom you should focus your attention on bitcoin instead :) - happy thanksgiving!" Sharing a screenshot, a user asked, "Care to comment why you’re misleading thousands by cropping a screenshot?" He’s also spent the last 14 hours or so threatening to sue a variety of media organizations that covered this saga in ways he didn’t like: