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Inflation eased more than expected in October, a promising sign, but economists say don’t get excited yet. In general, inflation tends to devalue the currency. However, it’s also more complicated than that. Inflation is an increase in prices and the general costs of an economy. We can also define inflation as the decrease of a currency’s purchasing power. is xrp on cryptocom It occurs over a long period, though certain causes accelerate inflation. If that happens, the Fed will be faced with the two unpalatable options described earlier: allowing interest rates to rise, or further inflating the money supply. The political pressure to choose the latter would likely be irresistible. But doing so would decrease inflation-adjusted returns on Treasury bonds, driving more investors away from Treasurys and into superior stores of value, such as bitcoin. In turn, decreased market interest in Treasurys would force the Fed to purchase more such bonds to suppress interest rates.